"The kingdom of God is the reality of the church, which is brought forth by the resurrection life of Christ through the gospel (1 Cor. 4:15).  Regeneration is the entrance to the kingdom (John 3:5), and the growth of the divine life within the believers is the kingdom's development (2 Pet. 1:3-11)."

Friday May 5th - Sunday May 7th

Join us this May for our Christian Conference! This year the conference will be hosted by the Church in Atlanta (2345 Shallowford Road Atlanta, GA 30345The first message will begin Friday, May 5th at 7:30pm. Make sure to check our schedule for all the details. The topic for the upcoming conference will be:


Schedule for Spoken Messages


Lunch and dinner will be provided by the Church in Atlanta
on Saturday May 6th
for those attending the conference.




What others are saying

“These conferences are a spiritual highlight for me. I’m always watered, refreshed and encouraged to pursue Christ”

Andrew Knoxville, TN

“These conferences are a good opportunity to enjoy Christ with other believers from different places.”

Charlie Atlanta, GA

“I went to this same conference when it was held in Houston in 2015. What I appreciated most was seeing that God’s solution for all of His people to be one is for us to be “full of the Holy Spirit,” (Acts 6:3). By being full of the Holy Spirit, we can overcome any barrier that would divide us and show the world our unity in Christian love! (John 17).”

Amanda Atlanta, GA

“Through the speaking in this conference my vision of God’s purpose is always recalibrated.”

Hanna Tallahassee, FL

“The gospel that we preach today isn’t just about an objective Savior who lived two thousand years ago. Rather, we preach that Jesus Christ now dwells within all His believers as the Spirit. Praise the Lord that as believers in Christ, we are able to daily experience Him as our subjective salvation.”

Armad Atlanta, GA

“These conferences are a great opportunity to meet other believers that love the Lord the same way you do.”

Claudia Atlanta, GA

Map to Venue

Address to the Meeting Hall of the Church in Atlanta

2345 Shallowford Road Atlanta, GA 30345

Coming together for


Every year hundreds of genuine believers in Christ gather together in different cities to hear God’s fresh speaking.

The Bible

The Bible is God’s speaking to us!  For many years this book was hidden and unavailable to people. Today the Bible has been opened, so we can know God’s heart’s desire and purpose.


The Christian life is not an individual life. The Lord has called us out of many things into the church, His Body. We live the day to day, house to house church life as revealed in the book of Acts.

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2345 Shallowford Rd. Atlanta GA 30345